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Listen to Hebraic Heritage Radio

Published by: Hebroots
07/26/2017 04:56 AM

Listen to Hebraic Heritage Radio featuring the BEST of Hebraic Roots teaching and Messianic Music featuring the teachings of Eddie Chumney. Eddie has a daily teaching every hour at 5 minutes past the hour for 25 minutes. Through listening to a daily teaching, you will be discipled on learning the Hebraic Roots of Christianity.


We have an Erev Shabbat music service starting at 8:30PM (EST). We have a Saturday Shabbat service starting at 10PM (EST). Monte Judah does the teaching on the weekly Torah portion and Brad Scott does the teaching on the Haftorah portion.


Weekend teachers include: Rico Cortes, Brad Scott, Avi Ben Mordechai, Mike Clayton, Jim King, Hollisa Alewine, Valerie Moody, HaYovel, Bnai Yosef North American Congress and others.

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